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Oct 14

Writers need hugs too

There has been a lot of death lately. Well, to be fair there has always been a lot of death. But this feels closer. Esteemed colleagues, friends, this feels personal. And whilst death is never entirely fair, those taken from us have been taken in extremely unfair ways. And the response has always been the …

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Jul 17


Nothing much new to update you on, still writing when I can, moaning when I shouldn’t be, and staying up until the wee hours of the morning doing pretty much naff all. Work is the same, home life is the same…boring old me. So instead I bring you exciting pimpage! I’ll just fetch my best …

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Jun 06

100 RPM

100 RPM contains one hundred flash fiction stories inspired by music and written by a plethora of extremely talented writers…with a forward by Nik Kershaw! The stories were compiled by Caroline Smailes. Proceeds from book sales go to the charity One In Four, which offers a voice to and support for people who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual …

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Mar 08

International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day I’m going to point you in the direction of some wonderful, if not slightly unstable, women writers…you’re welcome.     The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog Jo and the Novelist Icy Sedgwick The Collective Works of E.E. Zulkoski Ramblings of a Frustrated Crime Writer Lily Childs Feardom Emma Bragg I Refuse …

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Feb 14

I Heart You…

A beautiful red heart, on display gleaming and shining…a gift. Nope, not a Valentines Day card…an actual heart, bloody and dripping and still beating – ripped from the chest of an unsuspecting victim. Who needs love and romance when you can have blood and gore?! It’s February, and that means it’s Women in Horror Month…it …

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