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Mar 31

A is for Arse in gear

What better opportunity to get my arse back in gear than by once again taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge? A quick intro for those who have never heard of it before – blog every day in April (expect Sundays) and theme each post around the corresponding letter of the alphabet (first day is …

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Nov 30


Come on you magnificent NaNo bastards!! It’s the last day!! For all those that have already finished WELL DONE! You’ve done great. If you want to take the last day off then put those feet up on the sofa and relax with a big box of chocolates and a stiff drink. If you don’t want …

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Nov 16


Cripes, this has been a shitty crazy month! So crazy in fact I used the word ‘cripes’ rather than ‘blimey’ or ‘motherfucker’ (hey, you want eloquence then you visit a real writer’s blog!). I was full of excitement October 31st…and not just because it was Halloween (ok, mostly because it was Halloween). The whole month …

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