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Nov 30


Come on you magnificent NaNo bastards!! It’s the last day!! For all those that have already finished WELL DONE! You’ve done great. If you want to take the last day off then put those feet up on the sofa and relax with a big box of chocolates and a stiff drink. If you don’t want …

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Nov 02

NaNo Day 2 – No Pressure

It’s the second day of NaNo but this is not my second NaNo related post…yes, the promised daily updates have fallen by the wayside already…I have failed you! Good! Yeah, you heard me right – GOOD! Now the pressure is off…*phew* My first day of NaNo went better than I expected. I managed to get …

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Oct 31

Halloween, NaNo and moustaches…oh my!

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! Or should that be ‘Unhappy Halloween!’? Is it possible to have a happy horror-filled and evil-themed day? Grinning at gore, taking pleasure in pain, feeling elation at the very thought of evisceration? It’s a bit like the joke about the sadomasochist: Do you know sadomasochists love cold showers…that’s why they don’t …

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Oct 19

Brainstorming NaNo

  Twelve days until NaNoWriMo starts and I’m still unsure which idea to go with. I have three possible stories to choose from, all of which have invaded my brain over the past few weeks. As I’m so busy trying to get my current novel finished before November starts I haven’t had chance to brainstorm …

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Jul 06


…I was supposed to be keeping you up to date with my progress on Camp NaNoWriMo. With original NaNo I regularly updated my blog with ‘interesting’ and ‘useful’ articles on my progress and posts about reaching word counts and keeping motivated…yeah, that ain’t going to happen with Camp NaNo. I’m having a hard enough time …

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