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Jul 31

Flak jacket

I get a lot of flak about my leather jacket… *titter* flak jacket *makes note to change post title* But the truth is it means a hell of a lot more to me than most people assume. I’ve been spotted across crowded rooms in record time, identified by people meeting me for the first time, …

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Jul 16

The clock is ticking…

On Sunday 20th July, I will turn thirty. Is it a gulp moment, or a woo hoo moment? Neither to be honest. Being the youngest out of most of my friends (even if by only a few days), I’ve seen a lot of people hit the big three-oh lately and they’ve all reacted differently. Some …

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Jun 09

Life’s a pitch and then you die

I pitched the megapitch this weekend… I’m not scared of the megapitch! Yeah! And then we’ll get up and poo her all over the table cause we’re not afraid of anything are we snotface? Ok, I’m a little scared of the megapitch. It’s a tad larger than my previous attempts and it would mean a …

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May 27

Outside bad. Sun scary.

I went outside. It was scary and outdoors-like. But it was also sort of fun. There were pigeons! After an impromptu invitation from an impromptu friend I was forced politely shoved into having a day out in Sheff…Sheff…Sheffield. I know, right – motherfucking rock and roll *epic guitar solo* Panic kicked in, Fear started lapping …

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Apr 17

N is for Numptybollocks

A badge I wear with pride. No, not pride, the other one…erm…erm…shame! That’s the chap. A badge I wear with shame. Numfar! Do the dance of shame! I often find myself doing the dance of shame – it’s a slow, droll rhythm that does little to soothe a guilty conscience, but it passes the time. …

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