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Invisible ink? I don’t see the point

A friend just forwarded me this link: Book publisher experiments with invisible ink The gist is that if a book is printed using disappearing ink then it will instil a sense of urgency in the reader to get on with it and bloody finish the book. Hmm…is it just me or does this sound like …

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Nick Denton: Visual Shepherd and Colourer Innerer

Ladies and Gentlemen – May I introduce to you, Nick Denton! There he is, there…the one with the ever-changing hair (that includes facial hair). Nick is a very good friend of mine (10+ years) who also happens to be one of the best artists that I know. No, really he’s feckin’ awesome! For those of …

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The zombie rabbits are coming! RUN!

I’ve had the honour of receiving a bite from the infected ‘zombie rabbit award’ courtesy of Izombie. It turns out that not only do I inherit a blood thirst for brains and carrots, but I also have the responsibility of infecting other awesome blogs with brain masticating goodness! Hmm, after careful consideration *puts darts and …

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Thank crunchy monkey it’s Friday!

Following up from last Friday’s update, I have now received my welcome pack for the Fictioneers. I’ll post a pic of me and my shiny new badge when I don’t like some government yeti experiment gone horribly wrong! I won’t tell you what’s in the rest of the package; I don’t want to spoil the …

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

…a day of undying love and intestine chewing… intestine chewing? Just me then! Pictures from the awesome blog of Elliott Quince, an amazing illustrator. Check out some of the other artwork on his page, it rocks!