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Movember 2017

The moustache has a long and proud history, marred only by one particular German who I will not mention here (is that some kind of record for mentioning ‘that guy’ so close to the beginning of a post?), and continues to be a tried and tested measure of how manly a man you are! The …

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World Book Day 2012

Happy World Book Day! A day to celebrate books and reading (I know I’m preaching to the converted here, fellow writers, but you can help spread the word!), a day of free books for children, and a day to try and convert people to the cause! The idea of World Book Day is to “promote …

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National Libraries Day

Today is National Libraries Day! A day dedicated to those big rooms full of hundreds of books…no, not my office, those bigger buildings with vast shelves of fiction, non-fiction, and a multitude of various research materials. If you have the chance then please visit the National Libraries Day website today and see what all the …

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