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Jul 25

La Mustelidae Nostra

For Kevin Hill: Otter looked around to check he was alone before pulling out his new Bowie knife. The dealer had given him a great deal on the blade. He smiled as the sun reflected off the cool steel. A warm feeling enveloped him as he thought of using the weapon on Jimmy the Fox. …

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Jun 05

Excuses, excuses…

Ok, so I’ve been pretty slack lately with working on my current novel. Keen eyed followers will notice my word count hasn’t budged for quite a while now…not a single word. BUT… I have an excuse. Of course I have an excuse, I’m a writer. We always have an excuse…too busy, not inspired, too tired, …

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Apr 01

A is for Aggggggghhhh!!

For every looming deadline, missed target, failed word count, grammatical error and even that bloody time when you just can’t think of another word for “…..”. Aggggggghhhh!! It’s the best way to explain that overwhelming sensation when you feel like a failure and can’t seem to wrap your head around foreshadowing; third-person omniscient vs. third-person …

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Feb 28

Losing passion for a project

I’m sure we’re all guilty of this, or at least I hope it’s not just me! You start a writing project, it’s all going swimmingly and then a couple of weeks or months down the road you start to get bored/disillusioned/itchy feet. You want to abandon what you’re working on and start something else, or …

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Feb 26

Busy, busy, busy but not in a good way

Ok, so I promised more updates. Not only more updates but interesting ones…then I realised how much other stuff I had to do *gulp* Sorry people, I really did intend to post some wonderful awe inspiring pant wettingly amazing posts, but you know what they say about good intentions…you don’t? I can’t recall either, hang …

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