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Jul 06


…I was supposed to be keeping you up to date with my progress on Camp NaNoWriMo. With original NaNo I regularly updated my blog with ‘interesting’ and ‘useful’ articles on my progress and posts about reaching word counts and keeping motivated…yeah, that ain’t going to happen with Camp NaNo. I’m having a hard enough time …

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Jun 16

I’ll be back…soon

I’ve neglected both my writing and this novel for quite some time now. It’s been over a week since my last post and god knows how long since my last ‘useful’ post! That’s what you get for having a full time job and a part time degree, while trying to sell your house! Life invariably …

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May 20

Unalive™ and kicking

Another quick update just to prove I am alive…or at least unalive™ I’ve recently finished a short story, which should be published in an e-zine in about a month’s time…that’s about 2,000 words. I’ll let you know when it goes live. I also finished a 1,000 flash piece, which was a crime story – well …

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May 03

Back to reality

So, the April A-Z blogging challenge is over, my house is finally on the market and the bank holidays are already a distant memory…back to reality then! Screw you real life! I’m going to get back to work on my current novel and try to stick to a writing schedule that means I add something …

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