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Aug 27


This blog is slowly turning into a collection of “I’m back” and “Yes, I am alive” posts, and this entry is no different – although I won’t say I’m back. I never really went anywhere; I just stopped writing…again. Call it lack of motivation or a bout of depression or a leave of absence if …

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Mar 05

A-Z Blogging Challenge

April is looming over the horizon and that can only mean one thing for bloggers and writers…the dreaded (or beloved) A-Z blogging challenge!! Dun dun duuuuunn!The point of the challenge is to get people blogging more, by forcing you to write a new blog post each and every day of April (excluding Sundays). The topic …

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Feb 01

Oh f**k, it’s F******y!

Doesn’t time fly when you’re procrastinating! Ok, so maybe not 100% procrastination, I have been doing other things – but that’s no excuse for doing almost bugger all writing this year! I’ve probably written 3-4k this year…that’s it? That’s terrible, that’s one good day! Not a month of tippy tapping away at the keyboard! Even …

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Jan 24

Site Under Construction

Bear with me while I faff around with a new theme, all will be fixed soon…maybe…hopefully… What does this button dERROR–ERROR–ERROR–ERROR–ERROR–ERROR–ERROR–ERROR–ERROR–INTERNET SHUTTING DOWN-  

Sep 23

We Can Remember It for You Wholesale

Two weeks. Two Weeks… TWOOOO WEEEEKKKKKSSS!! Get ready for a surprise! *BOOM* Yes, it really has been two weeks since my last post. Bad writer, bad *smack* Shame on you if you didn’t get the above Total Recall reference…well actually I’ll let you off if you were just in too much of a stupor to …

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