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Sep 04

Why can’t we all just get along?

I don’t understand all this rivalry in the writing world. I see it on an almost daily basis, people arguing, or badmouthing each other. It’s beyond me…and by that I don’t mean beneath me I just mean eh? What? Who? I genuinely don’t get it! If you’re what I would consider a ‘crap writer’ then …

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Aug 27


This blog is slowly turning into a collection of “I’m back” and “Yes, I am alive” posts, and this entry is no different – although I won’t say I’m back. I never really went anywhere; I just stopped writing…again. Call it lack of motivation or a bout of depression or a leave of absence if …

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Jul 25

For less than the price of a cup of coffee

I’m sick of people complaining about eBooks costing less than a cup of coffee. As if that’s a sensible comparison to make. People use it as reason to both embrace and reject eBooks; I don’t really care about that. I haven’t really chosen a side on the whole eBook debacle because I don’t think there’s …

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Jan 30

Plodding on…

…it’s all part of the writing game. Bit by bit, chip away, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, pen to paper, bum in seat, hard slog, keep going, end in sight? Is it bollocks…tough noogies, keep going. Pen, paper, pen, paper, type, delete, edit, delete, type, scream, coffee, type, …

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Jan 02

Happy New Year a.k.a time to bloody change!

Let’s make the most of the New Year, and not just because it’s our last…apparently. Whether you believe the world will end at some point this year (all because the Mayans didn’t carve a stone calendar that went on forever…WTF, I mean let’s face it we might as believe the world is going to end …

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