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Apr 22

O is for Obstreperous ostriches

Look at those furry necked bastards – hiding their teeny tiny craniums in the dirt…oh, ostriches don’t do that? Has someone told CNN? Oh, CNN don’t report that? Has someone told Godzilla? There are certain people out there, certain writers, that like to scream and shout they know best whilst simultaneously jamming their heads firmly …

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Apr 08

G is for Graphomania vs. Graphophobia

. Graphomania (a.k.a scribomania) is ‘a compulsive urge to write’. We’ve all been there – usually it’s at 3am when inspiration strikes and the compulsion isn’t strong enough to rouse up from sleepy-snoozy-time – but any other time than that it’s fantastic! Words surge from your fingertips like rainbows from a unicorn’s arse. Your hands …

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Feb 24

Quitting Time!

It’s a February thing, right? Something in the air that makes writers want to throw down their work, fold their arms, pout their lip, and declare “that’s it, I give up!” Forums, FB, and Twitter seem to be full of people announcing their intentions to quit writing at the moment: “It’s too hard, what’s the …

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Jul 15

Give yourself to the dark side

I’ve killed three people today. The first was blocking the footpath by wildly gesturing his arms, and wouldn’t bloody let people past. He was too busy shouting into his mobile to realise there was a queue of people forming behind him trying to make the most of their lunch hour. He was also one of …

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Nov 01

NaNoWriMo – Day 1: One small step

So NaNo has begun…wooooo! (50% actual woo / 50% sarcastic woo) I started at midnight, which was a mistake as I haven’t been sleeping well lately and I probably should have been tucked up in the land of nod…but waking up on the 1st with 1,235 words under belt was worth it 🙂 This isn’t the …

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