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Nov 28

The Mystery of the Missing Chunk

Seriously, before you read this post…find your latest novel/short/poem/screenplay and hit SAVE! Hit it multiple times, hit it with vigour and purpose, hit it with a large tree branch ripped from the nearest Larch! Don’t do that last one, it will probably do more computer harm than good. I’m telling you this because I’ve just lost …

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Nov 03

Punch the walrus

Sometimes I avoid doing certain things because they make me angry, not necessarily because they’re bad things but because I’m easy to wind up. But then I realise everything makes me angry to some degree. You think this would make for an easy decision, if I’m going to be pissed off either way, and I …

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Nov 12

The masses are panicking

We’re all going to die! The sky is falling! Our novels are doomed! No one will ever love me! I can’t feel my legs! Is that Godzilla? We’re all doo… [We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special news bulletin] You’re not going to die, you’re legs are still there, that’s not Godzilla, and …

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Nov 11

‘Just’ is a horrible word…

Just think about how maybe times you say it during any given day. Ten times? Twenty? More? Just five more minutes in bed; just one more tea break; an extra long lunch, just today; just as soon as my boss leaves, I will; just one more episode before I sit down and write; just one …

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Apr 22

O is for Obstreperous ostriches

Look at those furry necked bastards – hiding their teeny tiny craniums in the dirt…oh, ostriches don’t do that? Has someone told CNN? Oh, CNN don’t report that? Has someone told Godzilla? There are certain people out there, certain writers, that like to scream and shout they know best whilst simultaneously jamming their heads firmly …

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