Bum in seat, hands on keyboard…

I submitted my latest short story the other week (to non UK people “the other week” can mean anything up to ten years ago), and it felt…well, kind of anticlimactic. I even managed to stop hitting refresh on my emails after a day or so whilst waiting for a reply. The response will arrive when it arrives. If it’s a no, I can always bung it somewhere else for consideration.

Then I had a couple of weeks of nothingness. It felt as if I’d submitted my last homework assignment and now I was free! But this isn’t an assignment, or a chore. This is what I want to do. Still the ‘rest’ was nice.

Today I started a new short – an idea that was flashing around my brain and should be a decent fit for another antho I’ve got my eye on. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but hell did it feel good to start writing! I knocked up a Shunn style document and typed out the first paragraph of my story, and…

…happy sigh. I felt like I was taking a drag on a cigarette after a year of cold turkey.

Bum in seat, hands on keyboard, write.

One thought on “Bum in seat, hands on keyboard…

  • May 11, 2016 at 14:11

    Great to hear you’re both submitting stories *and* writing steadily. Hope you get into the anthology, and good luck with the one you have your eye on.

    I’ve sent off a couple shorts myself recently, and that’s me currently free of any deadlines or impending closing dates for stuff. Decided to make a start on my first novel, and to my great surprise, it’s a sequel (of sorts) to The Last Bus. Going well so far.

    I’ll try and remember to drop you an email soon (I still have your contact details), and get a better catch up with you there.


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