Hello group, my name is Steven, and I’m a writer (“HI STEVEN”), I’ve been literate for well over 20 (something) years now.

*Phew* that feels good to get off my chest. I seem to have been suffering from the dreaded ‘writer’s shame’ for a long time now and admitting I have a problem is the first step to recovery.

I write horror, which is my main passion in life. Horror books, horror films, horrible cooking…you name it, slap some blood on it and I’ll get excited about it. I’m not sure how far this fascination stems back but I do remember always veering towards horror books for as long as I can remember. Even as a young child I went for the scary stuff. It probably helped that my Dad and Gran were both big horror fans. It just seemed normal to me that people were getting chopped up or eviscerated for the sake of plot, that’s what a story was to me.

Now I’m all growed up. It doesn’t mean my tastes have changed it just means I can horde more horror books without my parents trying to send me away to an asylum.

I have a few novels ‘on the go’ and am currently writing as many short stories as my fingers can manage before they start bleeding (mmm blood). Some of my work appears on this site, most of this will be things that are too horrible or horrific to be published elsewhere…hope you enjoy them!