B is for Buddy system

Continuing with this year’s theme of motivation and encouragement I’d like to talk about useful ways of keeping motivated, that is to say arse in chair and fingers on keyboard…you don’t even have to be typing as long as you’re thinking about writing. There are many ways to stay in control of your muse/brain/routine – whatever you want to call that Sparky McSparky thing that’s responsible for you actually putting pen to paper/pixels to screen – and one of the best methods that I know of is the buddy system.

The buddy system involves two people (or more if you’re kinky) working together to ensure they always have someone to help them. On school trips it means always having someone with you to keep you safe, when diving it means you always have someone with you to keep you safe, and believe it or not when writing it means having someone to give you a swift kick up the arse should you fail in your attempts at cranking out that novel you’ve been working on for ages but don’t really feel like working on today because there’s that really cool program about sharks on this afternoon and anyway you haven’t been shopping and you can’t work without any food in the hous *KICK!* This is where the buddy system comes into play.

Although some of us find it almost impossible to motivate ourselves or to stop ourselves coming up with ridiculous excuses NOT to write, we seem to take an almost psychotic glee in ridiculing others that do the same.

“Pffft, look at him over there moaning about not getting any work done…no wonder, he’s just sat scratching his balls! What, me? Why aren’t I working? Erm, well I have a much better excuse than “lazy arse” over there…you see my balls are really, really itchy and…”


We can spot flaws in other writer’s logic but seem to encounter a blind spot as soon as we try to look at our own routines and plans for writing. So…find yourself a buddy who will laugh in the face of your pathetic excuses and get cracking!

Of course this method relies on you having friends…or does it? In this day and age of t’interwebnet forums and those new fangled webscreenhomepages full of writery type information it’s never been easier to reach out and connect to fellow writers. There are plenty of writers hooked up to t’interwebnet crying out for help, so why not reach out and touch someone – and when you’ve finished touching them see if they want to buddy up and get some writing done.



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    • Little Miss on April 2, 2012 at 09:00
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    Great idea. I love twitter for giving me a kick, and challenges like these!

    1. Twitter is great for encouragement, it’s like having a hundred mini writing buddies all kicking you with their teeny tiny collective feet 😀

  1. Excellent advice for writers– a buddy can provide support as well as objectivity.

    Look forward to your challenge posts…

    –Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. Thanks, Damyanti – yup, a buddy (a TRUE buddy) will give you an unbiased opinion on your work.

  2. I’ll be your buddy 🙂

    Totally agree with buddies, though I am yet to sort myself one out! It is a new month though, best time to do it.

    1. I’ll take all the writing buddies I can get! It has nothing to do with my fetish for being kicked, I just need ‘gentle’ encouragement to get my arse in gear and write!

  3. Well said, Steven. Kick ’em balls!
    Of course the buddy system only works if said itchy writer really listens to the friend, and doesn’t yell at him to get off his noble writer’s block. It’s a great idea though, to get a second opinion on one’s laziness.

    1. Yeah, that’s the only problem – it still relies (a tiny bit) on the actual writer to take said advice on board and not just sulk when told they’re a lazy git and need to get on with it! Sometimes it helps to hear that from a friend and sometimes its easier to take from a complete stranger. Guess we all just have to find the buddy mix that works for us 🙂

  4. Completely agree… well, I should, considering I’m one half of a writing partnership. Even when writing solo (i.e. not as L.M. Towton) my buddy is there to prod me with a big stick* to see if I’m working, and then clobber me with said stick if I’m not (and vice versa). It’s been working for five years so.. surely can’t be bad?

    *a virtual stick, of course.

    1. Oh aye! I keep forgetting you already have an uber writing buddy! Must be great to have someone constantly beating you…in terms of motivation that is 😛

  5. I have a buddy! It’s a good way to get writing done 🙂 (Though it doesn’t always work for me!)

    1. Yeah, part of the system means trusting your buddy completely, it still only works as much as you’re willing to listen to them 😛

  6. Sounds like a good idea. Not a lot of writers in my area sadly so I might have to find one online. Hope he/she doesn’t kick me to hard.

    1. That’s the great thing about having an online writing buddy! They can only send pictures of an arse getting kicked, they can’t actually boot you up the bum. However, that’s also the bad thing about having an online writing buddy, they’re far to easy to switch off.

  7. Good post, I could do with a buddy, but their leg could get pretty tired. 🙂

    1. Cheers, Phillp. I get the feeling my buddy would end up with a very sore foot by the time they delivered all the kickings I deserved!

  8. Wait, it’s okay if I’m not writing as long as I’m thinking about my writing? Fantastic! I’m doing so much better than I thought!

    I do have one fellow blogger who’s always doing his best to kick me back into it. Unfortunately for him (and thus, my writing), if I’m offline he’s got no way to keep me from my procrastination. And oh, I do so love procrastination.

    1. As long as you’re thinking about it AT the computer, hands poised over the keyboard. Sitting watching TV and occasionally coming up with character names does not count 😛

  9. I’m too much of a recluse to have a Buddy.


    1. You liar! You have a tonne of people you could ask from TB!! 😛

    • Charlie on April 6, 2012 at 23:25
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    Yeah writing buddy! I hope your “N” is going to be for “Nero is the best place to get writing done ever!” 🙂

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