B is for ‘Back in my day…’

…and also for ‘bitch’.

Back in my day writers got the fuck on with writing.

I remember the days when writers were behind the scenes folks. When they could walk down the street without being mobbed or mugged by fans, when they could have normal friendships with the usual friendship dramas and no more, when they could interact with fans with limited drama…back when it was (mostly) about the words. Cue the bastard internet and all the problems masquerading as zeroes and ones that zoomed down cables and into our homes.

Pesky global computer network! *shakes fist in the direction of the Internet* which direction is the Internet? Is it up? I think it’s up *shakes fist upwards*

Now barely a week goes by without a drama, or a falling out, or a scandal. Fans ripping authors to pieces for an out of context tweet; legions of readers raising their pitchforks against Author A because Author B told them to; sock puppeteering authors; shoddy business practices slowly killing off the industry; fly-by-night publishers and editors; hatemongering “authors” who love nothing more than to stir the angry hornets’ nest of easily led readers and fans…the list is as long as the amount of hashtags teenagers use every tweet.

#yolo #somisunderstood #hashtag #1stworldproblems #arebeansfruit #911wasaninsidejob #selfie #cute #hench #innit #instagram #lookwhatimhavingfordinner #ifbeesmakehoneydowaspsmakejam

Because people can hide behind liquid crystal displays and fictional usernames, they become “brave”. Bad thoughts and negativity are no longer confined to their skulls, they have a medium to travel through, a void to infect. The bitchiness comes out to play, and it’s slowly driving us insane.

Too many author/editor/reviewer friends of mine have been pushed to the edge…and almost beyond, it’s tempting to join them and leave the ranks of bitchy authors. But then I realise I’m a bit of a bitch as well, and why the hell should I ditch what I want more in the world because a fictional LCD monkey wants me to. Hell, they don’t even want me to, they’re just blindly trolling in the dark hoping for a reaction! Unless I tell them otherwise they won’t even know if I’ve quit. But that means we have the power…not the whiny little bitches..

So please don’t join in on the bitchiness that seems to be going round like a bout of syphilis.

Don’t feed the trolls.

Don’t stop creating.

Don’t stop me now!

Get away from her, you bitch!

Get away from her, you bitch!


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  1. I’m burning through the sky…. 200 degrees that’s why they call me mr fahrenheit… I’m travelling at the speed of light…. my favourite lines from this song.

    Shame people are like that, but people are people and you’re totally right. You have to leave them to it and just get on with writing. 🙂 They’re only jealous of your chemtrail anyway. 😉

    1. Exactly! Darn people, coveting my chemtrail.

  2. Good post, mate.

    1. Cheers, me old mucker.

  3. It IS rather like a syphilis…that’s a disturbing (& slightly gross) thought!

    1. I calls ’em likes I sees ’em.

  4. I’m still waiting for the blasted mobs to appear.

    1. You don’t have an entourage, Liz? You must be doing something wrong 😛

  5. for trolls its all about two minutes fame or should we say notoriety

    1. Yep, anything for a bit of validation – good or bad.

  6. Or the authors who get attacked by readers because Hollywood is making a movie from his or her book, and the readers don’t like the casting or the changers to the story or whatever else. People are the worst.

    1. Yarp, people suck the big one. A person, on the other hand, can be an amazing thing.

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