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Apr 06

E is for ‘Egotistical bastards’

…and also for elephant cock You see them every day (not elephant cocks, although you might…I’m not judging) – they fester on your FB wall, and taunt on your Twitter feed – the smug faced gits, the egotistical bastards. The writer with an exaggerated sense of their own importance, the one who can’t shut up …

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Apr 06

D is for ‘Doohickeys and thingamabobs’

…and also for douchecanoe I see far too many conversations or forum threads dedicated to the most inane writing topics: “I need a realistic hobby for my time-travelling French resistance fighter!” “I can’t possibly write without knowing which piece of writing software is the best of the best of the best…” “What shall I call …

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Apr 04

C is for ‘Competing complainers’

…and also for cockwaffle. Not too long ago when a person screamed life was getting too much for them and they were drowning, a flood of people would wash in to save them. Nowadays everyone is too busy wading up to their necks to compete for who has it worse – as if the quickest …

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Apr 04

B is for ‘Back in my day…’

…and also for ‘bitch’. Back in my day writers got the fuck on with writing. I remember the days when writers were behind the scenes folks. When they could walk down the street without being mobbed or mugged by fans, when they could have normal friendships with the usual friendship dramas and no more, when …

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Apr 01

A is for ‘…and another thing!’

…and also for ‘arseholes’. I figured since I Meldrew (yes, Meldrew is a perfectly acceptable verb in this case!) on a daily basis (read: hourly basis) I could at the very least put this ranty energy to some sort of productive use. Therefore this year’s A- Z Challenge will mostly be angry old man rants, …

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