A-Z Blogging Challenge 2013

It’s almost time for the A-Z Blogging Challenge!

Basically you post every day during April (apart from Sundays) which handily results in 26 days, allowing you to theme your posts around the letters of the alphabet. Stick to one topic, such as writing, or bounce around like a loon and change theme each day. As long as you blog each day and use the appropriate letter, it’s all gravy!

You might want to take some time to plan out your posts or you might want to jump in at the deep end and surprise yourself. Whatever you do just make sure you remember to keep up to the daily posts.

Find other participants on the A-Z blog and have fun finding new and interesting blogs to follow. The more comments you leave on other people’s blogs the more you’ll end up receiving (in theory).

Check out my blog for the past two years I participated in the challenge.

For me 2011 was themed around the ’25 deadly sins of writing’ (post A was an introduction to the challenge before some smart arse points out there are 26 letters in the alphabet).

During 2012 I chose the theme of motivation and encouragement.

This year’s theme? I have no idea, it will be as much of a surprise for me as it will be for you. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any thoughts on the matter.

Check out the following links for more information:

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