A-Z 2011

The A-Z Blogging Challenge is a yearly challenge during which the participant must blog every day during April (except Sundays) using the letters of the alphabet as inspiration for their posts. During 2011 I chose the theme of 25 Deadly Sins of Writing, enjoy!

A is for Aggggggghhhh!! Introduction to the challenge

B is for back story (Sin #1: Incorrect use of back story)

C is for conflict (Sin #2: No conflict!)

D is for deus ex machina (Sin #3: Writer cop out!)

E is for endings (Sin #4: Get em’ wet then leave em’ dripping)

F is for foreshadowing (Sin #5: Crap at foreshadowing)

G is for genre (Sin #6: Not understanding genre)

H is for hyperbole (Sin #7: Hyperbole misuse)

I is for infodumping (Sin #8: Information overload!)

J is for jargon (Sin #9: Another word for…)

K is for killing (Sin #10: Not murdering your darlings)

L is for language (Sin #11: Say what now?)

M is for macrology (Sin #12: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!)

N is for names (Sin #13: What’s in a name?)

O is for onomatomania (Sin #14: Words for words that you use/like more than…)

P is for point of view (Sin #15: You said that she said that I said that he…)

Q is for questions (Sin #16: Unanswered questions)

R is for rising action (Sin #17: Ignoring the dramatic arc)

S is for so many things… (Sin #18: Lots of things beginning with S)

T is for twist ending (Sin #19: Spoiling the surprise)

U is for uniqueness (Sin #20: Same ol’, same ol’)

V is for vulgarity (Sin #21: To swear or not to swear…)

W is for word count (Sin #22: Quantity over quality)

X is for x-rated (Sin #23: Poor sex scenes)

Y is for you (Sin #24: Not understanding your audience)

Z is for zzzzz (Sin #25: Not getting enough rest)