Apr 01

A is for Aggggggghhhh!!

For every looming deadline, missed target, failed word count, grammatical error and even that bloody time when you just can’t think of another word for “…..”.
It’s the best way to explain that overwhelming sensation when you feel like a failure and can’t seem to wrap your head around foreshadowing; third-person omniscient vs. third-person subjective; subplots; plot devices…..blah, blah, blah.
Just let it all out….on three!
For my attempt at completing the A-Z blogging challenge I am going to lay down my twenty-five deadly sins of writing, not the common rules you might expect but my own views on what makes me say aggggggghhhh!! Some of the posts will be about common mistakes and how to avoid them, some will be me ranting about how ridiculous some of the ‘set in stone’ writer rules are and some might even be worth reading!!
Now if you’ll excuse me I have to pop off now, I’m at work and should be working! Only twenty-five more posts to write this month…at the same time as completing a part time degree, trying to sell my house and working on two novels simultaneously all the time working long days in the office….*twitch*


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  1. Sandra Patterson

    Good luck with it Steven.

  2. Den

    Thanks for the perspective, there I was thinking I was busy trying to start a business and creating almost a whole 2 doodles a week….tip of the hat to you, stay "sane" sir.

  3. iZombie

    it's all good… good luck. and keep it a2z… s it for sanity.

  4. Lola Sharp

    Good luck!

  5. lesleylsmith

    Ha, Steven, so far your A-Z entry is the funniest I've seen. I'm right there with you: Aaggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!
    Good luck with all your challenges!

  6. Sue H

    ….and they say men can't multi-task!! ;-p

    Love that cartoon, btw!

    I refuse to go quietly!

  7. ttofee

    Good luck! Hope you stay sane!

  8. The Words Crafter

    LOL, loved this. BTW, "C" is for "CLONE"….you may need one. Or three….

  9. Steven Chapman

    Thanks for the good luck comments, guys! Hope you like the rest of this months posts!

  10. Ellie

    LOL. Too funny!

  11. Steven Chapman

    I'm aggghhhing more than ever!!

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