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Jul 15

Give yourself to the dark side

I’ve killed three people today. The first was blocking the footpath by wildly gesturing his arms, and wouldn’t bloody let people past. He was too busy shouting into his mobile to realise there was a queue of people forming behind him trying to make the most of their lunch hour. He was also one of …

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Aug 28

Turkey City Lexicon

Check out this great article, lots of info you may have already seen but in one convenient place: Turkey City Lexicon – A Primer for SF Workshops 99% of the info applies to all genres of writing. The article isn’t copyrighted so feel free to spread it around. But don’t try and take credit for …

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Aug 27


This blog is slowly turning into a collection of “I’m back” and “Yes, I am alive” posts, and this entry is no different – although I won’t say I’m back. I never really went anywhere; I just stopped writing…again. Call it lack of motivation or a bout of depression or a leave of absence if …

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Jul 25

La Mustelidae Nostra

For Kevin Hill: Otter looked around to check he was alone before pulling out his new Bowie knife. The dealer had given him a great deal on the blade. He smiled as the sun reflected off the cool steel. A warm feeling enveloped him as he thought of using the weapon on Jimmy the Fox. …

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Mar 22

Musing on Muses

A lot of writers like to complain that their muse has abandoned them. In fact I’m just as guilty of this as any other writer is. We like to pretend the muse is something that tiptoes around us massaging our shoulders and telling us what to write, and when we can’t be bothered writing or …

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